hello? are you there?

i just had the strangest dream ever

I would give my life to touch the sun.
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Strange is our situation here on Earth. Each of us comes for a short visit without knowing why. However, sometimes, we seem to guess an objective, day by day, we seem to know one thing: we are here for other people. Above all, we are here for those whose smiles and well-being depend our own happiness.
Albert Einstein

procurando {searching, inquisitory, probing, trenchant} → joana, jo, jo jo, jane, janie, mary jane → sarcastic little bitch horror kid thing born on western Europe. 26 years old. Portuguese and proud of it. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Stubborn and lazy. Biological engineer. Videogame addicted. RPG whore. Interested in biorefinery, bioenergy and nanotechnology, working not to become a nerd. Protective to a fault. Cannot use english slang to save her life. Dislikes being ignored and annoyed. Adores the sea and chocolate. Flees from large amounts of people. Complains more than it should be allowed. Fangirls more than anyone should have to listen. Aims to be better than she is. Adores being who she is. Believes to be able to do something worthwhile in the future.

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the people that got way close: my extra dad, my european companion, my mafia mama, sister one and sister two.

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